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On the coast of Lácar Lake you will see a deck with a ramp, the pier, the beach, coffee shops, recreation areas and the Catching and Breeding Fish Station.

Duration: A few hours

Distance: 0 kms

Enabled: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

Lácar Lake's coast

Description tour: Lácar Lake's coast

Located on Lácar Lake's coast, the city begins to expand on the fluvio-glacial valley, due to the high urban growth experienced during the last decade.

Its water comes out onto the Pacific Ocean, and Bandurrias and Abanico Hills display a panoramic view of great beauty. The whole landscape that can be enjoyed across the lake, is part of the jurisdiction of the National Park Administration.

The pier stands out clearly on the coast. The main water activities on the lake, begin on that pier and they are monitored by the Argentine Naval Prefecture. There are also daily lake tours that go to Quila Quina beach and Hua Hum area.

The beach

On the right, a wide sandy beach is visited by residents and tourists during summer but it is a place of entertainment during all the year. The place has got an interesting history, since there was a log settlement at the beginning of the 20th century.

The calm waters are perfect if you like to practice water sports such as canoeing, kayak, sailing, diving and water bicycles, that can be rented on the coast, on the right of the pier.

Every December 31 the people of the town meet here to receive the new year. Fireworks and music bands are the beginning of the festival that finishes with the people dancing on the sand.

The Tetratlon Chapelco is an annual competition, and part of it is done in the lake. Modern tea houses with large windows facing the lake complete the wide variety of services provided in the area.

Fish Trap

Pocahullo Stream (which means place of seagulls in the Mapuche language) comes out onto the beach, after the Monumento a los Ciervos.

In its mouth there is the Capture and Breeding Fish Station, created for the care and protection of fish, and especially designed for visitors to enjoy an interpretive tour with a guide who will explain the purpose and the treatment done to the salmonids.

Depending on the date of your visit, you will be able to observe how the fish are being caught and the spawning process.


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