Lácar AreaOutdoors

It includes beaches such as Catritre, Quila Quina, Yuco and Nonthué, the Lácar Lake basin, the Valdivian rainforest where Chachín Cascade and Queñi Lake are located, and Chapelco Mountain.


Bandurrias viewpoint

Bandurrias viewpoint By car - Half noon:A pleasant tour visiting communities of Mapuche people, in the middle of the forest and a natural privileged balcony that offers panoramic views of the city of San Martín de los Andes and Lácar Lake.

Quila Quina Quila Quina Places travel

Quila Quina By car - Half noon:A spectacular circuit on lands owned by the Curruhuinca Mapuche community , which allows you to visit one of the best beaches in the region, to know the Roble Pellín forest and enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Villa Quila Quina.

Chachín Cascade - Hua Hum

Chachín Cascade - Hua Hum By car - One day:One of the most impressive waterfalls of Lanín National Park, where you will have access through an interesting interpretive trail, it is located in the Valdivian rainforest.

Yuco - Nonthue Lake - Hua Hum Yuco - Nonthue Lake - Hua Hum Places travel

Yuco - Nonthue Lake - Hua Hum By car - Half noon:A full-day excursion that includes beautiful white sandy beaches, green water, Arrayán trees, waterfalls, and the astonishing Patagonian forest and Valdivian rainforest.

Navigation on Lakes Lácar and Nonthué

Navigation on Lakes Lácar and Nonthué Lake - One day:There are islands, beaches, cascades, rock formations, and under the water lies the submerged city which is referred in the Mapuche legend.

Chapelco Mountain in Winter

Chapelco Mountain in Winter By car - Half noon:In Chapelco you can go skiing and snowboarding, with its magnificent forest of Lenga trees, the ski school, the instructors, modern lifts, the warm shelters and restaurants, snowmobile rides, dog sledges and snowshoeing walks.

Quila Quina by ship

Quila Quina by ship Lake - Half noon:A half-day sailing trip on Lácar Lake to Villa Quila Quina in Lanín National Park and on lands of the Curruhuinca Mapuche community.

Arrayán Circuit

Arrayán Circuit Circuit - A few hours:A tour near the town, with spectacular viewpoints from which you can appreciate the magnificence of Lácar Lake and a view of the city of San Martín de los Andes.

Chapelco Mountain circuit

Chapelco Mountain circuit Circuit - Half noon:The most recognized winter center of the province of Neuquén is also attractive in summer, offering a spectacular panoramic view across the Lácar Lake's valley, the mountain range, the Lanín Volcano and the town of San Martín de los Andes.


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