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The horse which is essential for men, is still the best option to enjoy the amazing landscape of the Argentine Patagonia.

It is recommended to keep a slow pace, and to open your mind to the incredible feelings that will arise, the earth seems to be endless and the mountains open the way to the rider that goes along the rocks, searching for the horizon hidden by the forest.

The paths of the Lanín National Park are full of stories that describe dreams and adventures. Each story is accompanied by the "mate" and "asado" (the Argentinian barbecue), amazing the visitors.


Laguna Rosales

Laguna Rosales Cavalcade - A few hours:Close to the city, the Rosales Lake is an interesting observation point of birdlife, a short horseback ride will let you enjoy it the most.

Pampa los Radales

Pampa los Radales Cavalcade - A few hours:Horseback riding in forests, crossing mountain streams and rivers, you can have access to panoramic views of the whole Chapelco chain of hills.

Cerro Colorado

Cerro Colorado Cavalcade - One day:A spectacular tour across the slope of an extinct volcano, among Lenga trees, Cañales and with spectacular panoramic views.


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