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Lolog Area: Curruhué Lake and Lahuen-co, Epulafquen thermal springsOutdoors

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Curruhué Lake and Lahuen-co, Epulafquen thermal springs

One of the most complete tourist circuits from Lanín National Park, which has got forests with species of thousands of years old that grow on a river of solidified lava, and ends in a natural thermal spring when you reach Lahuenco, Epulafquen thermal spri

Duration: One day

Distance: 77 kms

Enabled: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

walking with the potential for accessibility

walking with the potential for accessibility: In these place you will find a footbridge that allows people to visit the thermal water wells located among Ñires, Lenga trees and Colihue canes. In the thermal center you will find an adapted toilet

Description tour: Curruhué Lake and Lahuen-co, Epulafquen thermal springs

You can reach the place by taking the Provincial Road Nº 62 that leads to Lolog Lake (12 km).


After going past these lake, the way goes across mountain streams until entering the Lanín National Park, where you will previously find a National Gendarmerie building and then the Park Ranger's House.



Curruhué Chico Lake

Curruhué Chico Lake, in fact, is a mirror of water generated from the accumulation of sedimentary material, in recent geologic times, dividing in two the lake of glacial origin.

Difficult to access to it and surrounded by reeds, it is one of the lakes that have been affected by volcanic activities in the region.

You will find a strategic viewpoint, ideal for observing a wide variety of aquatic birds that have their habitat there.

Curruhué Grande Lake

Going on the circuit, it will appear Curruhué Grande Lake.

Of glacial origin, as well as all the lakes of Lanín National Park, there is a closed mountain valley which offers privileged panoramic views.

A wide viewpoint allows a beautiful view across the landscape. The lake has got a splendid sandy beach with a wild camping area.

There is quite a lot of vegetation, that is helped by the abundant rainfall that characterizes the area. It has also got an interesting pure pine forest, located by the roadside. A path allows to enjoy them and appreciate its natural millennial conformation.

The Escorial

The next attraction of the circuit will awaken your senses. You are going to see the best and latest sign of volcanic activity in the region, a solidified lava river, 7.5 kilometres in length, where vegetation is growing and which flows into the waters of Epulafquen Lake.

Created after the eruption of the Achén Ñiyeu Volcano four hundred years ago, this remarkable sign of power of Nature can be better understood by following the trail of fire that came down the mountain, on the slopes of the volcano located on the left. The small trees that spring from the rock give the landscape a unique feature.

A footpath that descends to the narrowest part of the lake and its union with the Huechulafquen Lake, allows to see it and appreciate in all its splendor.

A few metres further, on the left you will see Verde and Del Toro Lagoons, two temporary water mirrors, generated from the accumulation of volcanic material. It is worth stopping to appreciate the particular characteristics of its bed, with gray and porous walls of solidified lava.

Lahuen-co, Epulafquen Natural thermal springs (also accessible through land/lake in Lanín Tromen area).

The tour ends with the natural thermal springs when you reach Lahuen-co Epulafquen thermal springs, a privileged place thanks to its natural environment which offers visitors plenty of options to enjoy a day of pleasure and relax.

In the park, you can have access to the natural thermal baths and choose between 20 natural wells distributed among a dense forest of Colihue canes, allowing you to enjoy an unbelievable beauty. Gastronomy services, parking lot and toilets are provided.


As exclusive services the Thermal Spa Mountain Resort offers spa and relax programmes with personalized attention, hydrotherapy pools and a restaurant that is suitable for the place.

This place was created thanks to the initiative of the National Parks Administration, in conjunction with the Municipalities of San Martín de los Andes and Junín de los Andes.

Lahuen-co, Epulafquen Natural thermal springs is prepared to welcome all visitors and offer them a different experience.

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