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Thermal Springs - Lahuen-co, EpulafquenOutdoors

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Thermal Springs - Lahuen-co, Epulafquen - Lahuen-co, Termas de Epulafquen
Municipalidad San Martín de los Andes   Lahuen-co, Termas de Epulafquen

LAHUEN-CO, Epulafquen Thermal Springs, a privileged place for nature.


Lahuen Co Thermal Springs (which means miraculous waters in the Mapuche language) are also known as Epulafquen Hot Springs due to Epulafquen Lake located near the area.

It is located a few kilometres from the border of the Chilean Republic and the International Pass Carrirriñe, its main access is from San Martín de los Andes and Junín de los Andes, taking the Provincial Road Nº 62. This road goes through ancient forests, crosses a river of solidified lava (The Escorial) and several lakes with volcanic sand beaches.


On the center of Lanín National Park, there is an area where you will see signs of the volcanic activity, some thermal wells in a natural state, that emerge from the earth among thawing streams and forests of Coihues, Ñires, Lenga and colihue trees.

A tourist venture have transformed the place into a modern thermal spa, including gastronomy services and personal complementary services.


The Thermal Spa Resort combines the product in an unusual way, the best facilities of a modern spa, the new and unique architecture, its location and quality of the services provided by its professional staff, together with the natural Thermal Springs located in a mountainous area of the National Park.

The astonishing natural surroundings of Lahuen Co, Thermal Springs Epulafquen offers several options to enjoy a peaceful or adventurous day, depending on the visitors' likes. Children are not admitted due to the features of this service.

In a successive stage, an exclusive hotel will be built, which will allow visitors to stay and organize their trip in the thermal valley.In a successive stage, an exclusive hotel will be built, which will allow visitors to stay and organize their trip in the thermal valley.

People are currently working in order to develop a Thematic Park, which its main attraction will be an interpretive trail in the native forest and will let tourists appreciate the natural thermal springs that are characterized by a high degree of mineralization. In some of the wells it will be possible to submerge and enjoy a unique experience in contact with nature. It is planned as a familiar activity, where services such as toilets, parking lot and day-time camping area will be provided. Currently this circuit is under construction, making it necessary to ask for information about its opening before planning the journey.


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