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Almost all the communal and national government buildings are located in the historic center of the town, which are scattered around San Martín Square, the first local public space.

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Civic Center

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San Martín Square is the historic center of the city. The distribution of the streets, lots and blocks have been outlined from this square, when the city was founded in February 4th, 1898.


In the center of the park there is General San Martín monument and native trees on its four sides, where you will see ancient Araucaria trees and other ornamental species. Civic acts and other cultural events are performed here, such as the Trabun (meeting in the Mapuche language) which takes place each year during the month of December, with the participation of musicians from Argentina and Chile.

Along all the year, stands are built around the park where artisans sell crafts, fine fruit, sweets, dried flowers and other goods produced by local people.


Around the square and its surroundings there are the main public buildings, some of them with great historical and architectural value.


Lanín National Park's Administration

Primeros Pobladores Museum

Post office

City Council

San José Theatre


San José Church

Tourist Office


Ministry of Tourism

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