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Lácar Area: Chapelco Mountain in WinterOutdoors

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Chapelco Mountain in Winter

In Chapelco you can go skiing and snowboarding, with its magnificent forest of Lenga trees, the ski school, the instructors, modern lifts, the warm shelters and restaurants, snowmobile rides, dog sledges and snowshoeing walks.

Duration: Half noon

Distance: 20 kms

Enabled: Winter

Description tour: Chapelco Mountain in Winter

The path begins bordering the Lácar Lake through the National Road Nº 234, approximetely 15 km. until you reach the detour to the Provincial Road Nº 19. On the way you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Lácar Lake and  Pil Pil viewpoint, where you will see an interpretive board describing the landscape that can be observed.

Further on, you will find on the left the five-kilometre detour that leads to Chapelco Ski Center, which has got many bends and ascends up to 1980 metres above sea level.

You have the chance to take the cable car in platform 1250 (base), to reach 1,600 metres above sea level where there is Antulafquen teahouse.

There is a wide option of runs for different levels of skiers, beginners, intermediate and expert, together with a wide number of lifts that allow a quick access to them as well as to the shelters and teahouses in the different areas of the center, giving visitors the chance to enjoy an unforgettable day in the mountains.

Travel agencies offering the ride

Chapelco Turismo (E.V. y T.)

San Martín 836 2A (Centric) (02972) 427550

El Refugio (E.V.y T.)

Villegas 698 Loc. 5 y 10 (Centric) (02972) 425140 | 429570

Lanín turismo ( E.V. y T)

San Martín 437 - Loc. 3 (Centric) (02972) 425808 | (02944) 15618875

El Claro Turismo (E.V.y T.)

Cnel. Díaz 751 (Centric) (02972) 428876

Content manager: Secretaría de Turismo
Office: Secretaría de Turismo - Av. San Martín y Juan Manuel de Rosas
Opening hours: 7:00hs a 14:00hs
Phone: 02972-425500

Municipality of San Martín de los Andes

Teléfono +54 (2972) 427 315 | +54 (2972) 428 795

Gral. Roca y Juan Manuel de Rosas

Ministry of Tourism

Phone 0800 345 1975 int 307 y 308 - +54 (2972) 427315 int 307 y 308

Av. San Martín y Juan Manuel de Rosas

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