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Paso Córdoba Area: Paso Córdoba and Villa TrafulOutdoors

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Paso Córdoba and Villa Traful

One of the most complete circuits in the region, it connects the town of San Martín de los Andes with Villa Traful, displaying lakes, viewpoints, geological formations and rivers, offering exceptional panoramic views, especially in autumn

Duration: One day

Distance: 130 kms

Enabled: Summer, Autumn, Spring

Description tour: Paso Córdoba and Villa Traful

Starting form the National Road Nº 234 "of the Seven Lakes", bordering the Lácar Lake, you will find the detour to the Provincial Road Nº 63 after 27 kilometres.

The way borders Meliquina Lake up to the beginning of Meliquina River and Villa Meliquina, a developing town with lodging and gastronomy services.

Filo Hua Hum Lake and Casa de Piedra (Stone House)

After approximetely 14 km when you cross the bridge over Filo Hua Hum River,  next to the Park Ranger's House, you will find on the right the detour to Filo Hua Hum Lake, which is located four kilometres further. One of the most impressive places from the circuit, it's worth traveling a bit more to appreciate all its beauty.

Going along the Provincial Road Nº 63, by the side of Caleufu River, there is a natural cave called "Casa de Piedra" or "Ruca cure" in the Mapuche language, which was used as a refuge for native people who inhabited the area.

Paso del Córdoba

Further on you will find Paso Córdoba, where you will have to go up the windings of the road, that culminates in a privileged panoramic view. The slope down goes across a valley that runs in a parallel way to the Traful River. Then it joins with the Limay River, where it is originated the spot Confluencia Traful on the National Road Nº 237.

A few metres from there, you will find the access to the Provicial Road Nº 65, which will lead to Villa Traful after 35 kilometres. It goes along Traful Lake and through Nahuel Huapi National Park.

The way to Villa Traful

Five kilometres before you will find the Traful viewpoint, an impressive cliff with an access and informative signs. From here you will be able to enjoy an overwhelming view of the entire basin of the lake.

Villa Traful has experienced a significant growth in recent years, becoming one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the region. Small, with a careful urbanization and countless attractions, visiting it is a must.

Going along the Provincial Road Nº 65, after traveling 30 km you will reach the National Road Nº 234 "of the Seven Lakes" in order to return to San Martín de los Andes 80 km distant.

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